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Extreme weather requires extreme answers. Enter, the X-FOLD! A mitten that adapts to your every cold weather need. From Warmth to Dexterity…In an Instant!

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The X-FOLD is ready for you when you need it most, however many ways that may be.

The X-FOLD can be worn in a multitude of different ways. Take a look down below on how to wear your X-FOLD!

A closer look at the X-FOLD


The X-FOLD can be folded several different ways to fit your every need. Whether you are out hunting and need to take a shot, or if you need to take an important phone call.


The X-FOLD can be folded into a pocket that will store your phone or hand warmer. Check it out in the image galleries to the left and below.


The X-FOLD can be worn many ways as you can see, but it is also designed to have the capability of adapting to any scenario you might run into!

  • Windproof
  • Foldable Cuffs
  • Fingers Out or Whole Hand Out
  • Interchangeability
  • Heavy Duty Fleece
  • Water Resistant
  • (Reinforced Stitching)

The X-FOLD will protect you under freezing cold temperatures. If the weather windy, it will shield your hands and keep them warm. Hands too hot? Fold the mitten back so your hands are out.