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The Standard Cuffed

Worn as a typical mitten

The Fingers Out Cuffed

Fingers exposed, and ready for action

The Hand Out Cuffed

Your whole hand out for dexterity

The Wrist Warmer Cuffed

Worn on your wrist as a cuff. Out of the way, but ready when needed

The Standard #2 Cuffed

Worn like the standard, but with a gap to let air in if fingers get too warm

The Trigger Finger Cuffed


The Wind Stopper Cuffed

Fingers out, but blocked from the wind

The Hand Out #2 Cuffed

Your whole hand out, with quick access back to warmth

The Pocket Cuffed

Worn as a pocket with your whole fist inside

The Slide By Cuffed

Fingers exposed on one hand then slide into flap on other hand for quick warmth

The Muff


Most of the mitten versions can be worn cuffed or uncuffed, depending on if you want your jacket to go over or up to the mittens!

The Standard Uncuffed

The Standard #2 Uncuffed

Doubles as hand warmer pocket, when worn as The Standard